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Ebonee Pope

They say, once a creative, always a creative. If you knew Ebonee at a young age, most likely you were cast in one of her many productions that ranged from news to stage shows. There were props, there were costumes, there were scripts and then there was the camera. From an early age, Ebonee knew that she wanted to work in production. Attending Spelman College, she fueled her passion by seeking out production opportunities at nearby Clark Atlanta University, because Spelman did not offer an official mass communications program tract. Working her way up from assignment editor to head producer in a matter of months, Ebonee knew that production was in her future. 

Having always had a natural knack for design and a love for challenges, Ebonee began teaching herself coding as a hobby and a way to nourish her need to be creative. She would create websites to host her writing, her mini movies and would create websites for friends and colleagues. She would eventually work her way into creating websites and designing graphics for athletes through a chance meeting, eventually having one of her designs appear on an episode of Oprah's "Give Big or Go Home".

Since then, Ebonee has honed her craft as a graphic designer, web designer, communications director, social media strategist, and producer in the corporate and non-profit space. Now she is founder and CEO of  EnJenuity Media, a company she started over 20 years ago, aimed to assist those who want to bring their vision from an idea in their head, to a reality.

"I help conceptualize what is lying around in their head and I make it a point to listen to those who know what they want, but not sure how to make it happen. I help with the visualization aspect of your business, be it through creating your logo design, helping you solidify your message, or showcasing  your story in a way that makes you relate to the masses." 

Allow Ebonee and EnJenuity Media to help you get your story, your product and your brand out to the world. Simply fill out the form below and let's see what we can create together!

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