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Branding Spring Cleaning: Website Review

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Okay, don't panic. This blog post isn't about getting a new website or even rebranding for that matter. This post is simply here to help you do some spring cleaning in regards to your branding elements. First up...your website!

spring cleaning, website, updates, refresh
Just like your home, your website needs some spring cleaning love too!

Websites are an investment that can be a bit of a pain in the butt. Why? Because by the time you finish creating the first one, you recognize all of the things that you could change, or improve or even do without. Websites can also be expensive investments for your business; so unless you have a website guru on your staff who can make those changes for you at no cost, we will have to keep tinkering to a minimum and throw your perfectionism to the wind.

However, these are a few things you SHOULD do with regard to your website:

  • Link Check: Go through your website and make sure that every link works. Often times after we create our website we "set it and forget it" and never bother to go back and check on it, especially if you don't update it often. However things slip our attention and to be honest, links can break. It's the web - anything is possible. Pro tip: If you have any articles that you referenced or link to on your website, be sure to create a PDF of that article and save it to your computer or drive. That way if the link ever goes away, you will still have a copy of that article to link to on your site. For my "e-commerce" friends, make sure everything in your store is working properly. Cure any potential hiccups with links, product pictures, shipping, and checkouts!

  • E.T. Phone Home: Check out your methods of contact. Is your phone number and email correct? Are your "mail to" links working? Do you have a contact form or a subscribe page? Have you tried to subscribe to your own mailing list? Check to see the emails that your subscribers receive are fully functioning and providing the correct information. People rarely check these elements but they are incredibly important when it comes to your potential clientele being able to reach you or receive your messaging. You don't want to miss an important message from a potential client, do you? Make sure those contact forms are going to an active email box that you check regularly.

  • Fresh Faced & Forward: Take a look at your website as a potential client would. Is your website really showcasing the image and brand narrative that you hoped for when you originally created it? Has your business goals, services or products changed? Your website like your business will constantly transform as your business grows and transforms. If you have the know-how or the coins to do a refresh or an update, AND you think it's a need, then go ahead and invest. If you don't have either, but still think it's time for a change, make sure to include it in your budget for another quarter or for next year. Your website is your virtual calling card, so you want to make sure it's capturing your audience effectively.

  • Spelling Bee on Steroids: Always, always, always check for spelling and grammar mistakes. As a content creator and a writer - even I make spelling and grammar mistakes. We are not immune to it. I have spell check and grammar programs and I still find a way to miss something. You see our eyes and our brain play tricks on us because of memory recognition. When you go over the same thing several times, your brain skips over it to save energy for the new things it will have to tackle. Bloop! It just passes right over it. While this sounds like a good idea, it sucks when you're trying to make a good first impression to a potential client. So my tip is to read it a couple of times, then walk away. Come back to it a day later to allow your brain time to reset and not "gloss" over the information because it's familiar with it. Trust me, it'll save you from some extremely picky clientele misses.

  • Comment Chameleons: Be sure to go through any comments that have been left on your website. Engagement is key! Not only does this ensure that you are addressing any questions potential clients may have, but you are also conducting "reputation management" by addressing any issues and keeping the spam away!

So those are just a few things you should consider while "spring cleaning" your website. Have you done a spring cleaning of your website yet? Knock off those cobwebs and let's get to work!


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