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What's your brand narrative?

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Need to figure out your brand narrative? It's not rocket science, even if it feels like it!

If you're asking what a brand narrative is, then I fear that it's already too late! Okay, that's not true and leaning heavily on the dramatic side. You've actually come to the right place.

A brand narrative is the core aspect of your business. What is your business about? Are you a non-profit that aims to uplift young women and men through online counseling programs? Are you an influencer that focuses on lifestyle hacks for the budding woman entrepreneur? Have you overcome a life change and want to share your experience with others? This is where your brand narrative begins.

What is your business about? What do you hope to achieve with your business? Where did it come from, what do you do, where are you going? Your brand narrative is so important because it helps to organize your thoughts and focus of your business or brand strategically. Formulating this narrative helps you to create so many other aspects of your business. Your marketing plan, your social media, your content focus, and even your business plan.

Your brand narrative should do the following:

  • Tell your story and provide a voice for your business or brand.

  • Explain why a consumer needs to utilize you and your product or services.

  • Incite your audience to take action.

  • Create stories, experiences and generate conversations.

Overall you want your brand narrative to reflect the soul of your company and connect with others who align with your company view. This narrative will be continuously shared through your various forms of promotion and as such may need to be updated often to make sure you are consistently aligned with your business goals.

Don't be afraid of brand narratives and honestly, it is never too late to craft or refine yours. It can set you apart from all the other businesses that share your lane and provide you with the leverage you need to create the level of success you want to achieve.


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