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Storytelling for Your Business

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

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What's your story morning glory? Storytelling is important for your business.

In this day and age, you'll be hard pressed not to find a business that is not on social media in some way shape or form. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat...LinkedIn...the list goes on and on. Having a social media presence is beneficial for your business; if and only if you are using it correctly.

Social media is built for storytelling. It is what sells your business. People want to connect with a brand that they can align themselves with. A brand that represents the same problems and/or solutions that they are experiencing in their lives. How many times have you ended up on a random person's profile and decided to follow them because something they said, did or wore appealed to you? That is the same principle that you have to follow for your business.

Not only do our life experiences appeal to others, but our business and brands do the same as well. So what kind of story is your business or brand trying to tell?

Share those stories through your social media and watch how quickly people connect with your business and brand.

Here are a few tips to share your story:

  • Give your reason why you started your brand or business. I call this your "origin" story.

  • Give your business or brand its own story. Think of this as your elevator pitch for your business crafted for social media. Tell us why we want to connect with your brand.

  • Utilize all forms of media; this means audio, video, pictures, graphics and text. People receive messaging in several ways and not all in the same way. We all know that visual posts garner the most attention, however, #motivationmonday quotes are still a thing for a reason. Diverse storytelling also showcases your business or brands' creativity.

Do you need help figuring out where to start with storytelling for your business or brand? That's where we can help. Send us a note and let us know how we can help you perfect your business and brand storytelling.


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